Monrovia Police Department


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Lateral Applicants for experienced police officers?

Yes. The City of Monrovia hires Law Enforcement with police certification and experience.

Who pays for the police academy?

The Monrovia Police Department pays for the academy.

How long is the police academy?

Approximately 26 weeks.

Where is the police academy held?

Monrovia Police Department sends new officers to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Academy, San

Bernardino Sheriff’s Academy, Orange County Sheriff’s Academy or the Rio Hondo Police Academy

depending on available academy dates.

If I live “out of town” how many trips will I have to make to Monrovia to complete the process?

Monrovia PD is now conducting 1 day accelerated testing.

If travel is necessary does the Monrovia Police Department pay for or help defray the costs?

No, we do not offer any type of travel reimbursement.

Does the Police Department furnish the needed uniforms and equipment?

Yes, all of your initial uniforms, shoes, leather gear, weapons and other law enforcement

tools are provided by the Monrovia Police Department.

How many Police Officers does the Monrovia Police Department have?

The current authorized strength of the Monrovia Police Department is 50 Police Officers.

How large is the City of Monrovia

The City of Monrovia is approximately 14 square miles, 7 of which are residential,

commercial and industrial and the remaining are part of the foothills. The City of Monrovia has an approximate population of 36,000.